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1.8 Million Words In 60 Seconds

EVERYONE is talking video.

Video BEATS every form of communication because it’s captures attention and engages almost, ALL your senses.

You have the good, the bad and the ugly.

But did you know a very specific type of video is opening doors to the GREATEST opportunities ever in history?

Simple videos that BRING you massive profits.

Camtasia & After Effect CRUSHER

Video captures 80% of the web, so for a second…

Forget about the extensive knowledge like composition, framing, high angle, low angle, a frame within a frame and all that.

Forget about the videographers, producers, composers, sound crew, designers and editors.

Forget about the expensive software, equipment, teleprompter, location, lightning, music and sound.

It's expensive, time consuming and very, very difficult.

Better yet, 90% of your customers are BUYING right now as a direct result of watching these tiny little videos.

Tiny Little Videos

Remember the Apple, Think Different video everyone raved about?

What about the Reebok, 25,915 Days video?

How about the Nike, Find Your Greatness video?

These videos sold MILLIONS of products and services.

A video agency spent a small fortune on video rights, music, sound, added content, voiceovers, animation, effects and charged hundreds of thousands of dollars.



Flickstr empowers you with magnificent, LIVE ACTION, studio style videos to domination.

Highly engaging videos with the ability to add fonts, styles, backgrounds, effects, music and filters that result in professional and awesome videos that are quick, fun and easy to make.

Video agency production videos that SELL just like the big brands.

Highly captivating 6 seconds, 15 seconds, 30 seconds, 2 minutes or longer videos or video ads that gets you paying customers.

Videos for your business, your social profiles and your video ads in a matter of minutes.

Awesomeness You Can Create With Flickstr

  • 6, 12, 15, 20, 30 Second Videos
  • 1 or 2 Minute Commercial / Infomercial Videos
  • Facebook & YouTube Videos
  • Social Media Advertising Video Ads
  • Promotional / Viral Videos
  • Mobile, Display, Newsfeed & In-Stream
  • Website / Blog Videos
  • Landing Page / eCommerce Videos

Flickstr Product Demo

Sample Videos

“Want to look a million dollars?”

EPIC Sales Funnel By Design

get Your Affiliate Link

To get INSTANT Paypal commissions, click the button below to grab your JVZoo affiliate link.